“Before I met Mark, I did not have any shape to my pricing.  If people asked me how much I charged, my convoluted response was that I charged a day rate, which was calculated depending on what people wanted.  Where Mark really added value was to see through all the options and possibilities that my business has to offer and simplify it down into an easy structure.  I now have a simplified pricing structure for three separate products and a pricing brochure I can provide to customers so that they know my fee structure and price ranges.

I would recommend Mark’s services to anyone who is unsure of how to structure their pricing or anyone who can’t articulate their pricing in one easy sentence.”

Nikki Coome, Managing Director, Inca Home Moves.

Frankly, if you want to know how to use pricing as a value generator and competitive weapon, then talk to Mark. His knowledge of different pricing approaches is extraordinary which, together with his many years of corporate experience, means he gives you pricing advice that is relevant, valuable and practical. I’ve implemented his ideas and suggestions in my own business and it’s already making a fantastic difference. Thanks Mark!

David A. Richards Managing Director, Talk About Value

I started my own company a year and half ago and it’s been a steep learning curve for me. Whilst I am totally confident in my professional expertise, I was finding it hard to put a price on my services. I found Mark’s style relaxed and engaging, at times I was out of my comfort zone when he stretched my thinking, which helped me see a different view point. I put one of the techniques we discussed into practice straight away and was delighted when I not only won the piece of business, I achieved the higher of the two price points which I put in my proposal. Great coaching, with a great outcome for me – thanks Mark.

Dawn Hornsby, Director, HR Consulting Ltd.

I was concerned with whether my pricing was right and also how effective my marketing approach for new clients was. I was interested in working with Mark when I heard him talk about how businesses typically undercharge for what they do, and don’t realise how this can be improved.

My head was a jumble of things of what I thought my business needed, but Mark managed to help me clarify everything and improve the thoughts that I had.  I came away really empowered, totally encouraged and ready to start again.  It was probably one of the most fruitful sessions I’ve had in a long, long while.

The wonderful thing about Mark’s service is that it can apply to any size of business, whether you’re a sole trader, a small, medium or a large business.  I could not recommend Mark highly enough and I will be using him again in the future.

Susan Grant-Page, Founder, Out & Out Executive Support

Thanks Mark. Your strategy, advice and recommendations have already put us into profit!! We engaged Mark to help support us with the launch of a new and ongoing service offering to clients. His advice was instrumental both in pricing strategy but also most importantly in the whole value proposition. Further, his support covered the language we used and how we framed our various offers to our target customers. We found him to be good at challenging us, yet at the same time supportive. Intelligent and pragmatic. We’re already making sales and as this is an ongoing service I know it will help to improve the underlying profitability of our agency.

Chris Peak, Managing Director, Feelingpeaky

I was struggling with how to price my software development service, and needed a professional opinion on what range of pricing would be fair to my clients and myself. Mark gave me very pragmatic and concrete advice in terms of pricing, and clear suggestions on how to discuss pricing with future clients. I would definitely recommend Mark’s service to any small businesses or freelancers.

CT, Software Developer

I felt I was not charging enough in comparison to the quality I provide and the way I deliver my services. I thought I could use a business coach who specialised in pricing and Mark seemed to offer what I was looking for. He was very well prepared and guided me to find the right answers and made me realise a lot more than I was expecting. His coaching has transformed my ability to sell my services and increased my confidence in my own pricing.

Adriana Onwuzuruike, Private Dentist

We had issues selling our service to customers and knew we had a fantastic proposition which benefits people but it was not resonating with customers for various reasons. We considered using Mark because we wanted an expert to help us on pricing and on identifying a proposition that would connect with our potential customers. Mark was very professional, structured and understanding. He took the time to understand the organisation, values and proposition and I was very glad that he was flexible in his approach whilst at the same time moved the project forward to completion. Mark helped us to define our proposition and created new offerings which appealed to our customers and took us to another level.

James Adeleke Managing Director, Generation Success

Mark is a pricing guru that every business owner would do well to meet. Some powerful yet simple pricing strategies that could unlock genuine profit potential. A great presenter too – he had one of my recent business briefings enthralled. Recommended.

Brian Hardie, Regional Director with The Marketing Centre

As a creative agency we were finding it hard to set the right price tag against the value we provided to our clients. Mark had a very nice approach and was really engaging when I first him. My business partner and I were instantly drawn to his mindset and how he can better our business.

He was able to provide the right tools to help our business grow from strength to strength and we would definitely recommend him to our clients and anyone else who needs to improve their pricing.

Sachin Parmar, Creative Director, Evokeu (Digital & Design Agency)

We wanted to know how to sell our pricing more confidently, and also how to explain property valuations to home owners with differing expectations. Mark helped us by providing extremely clear, concise, factual responses with a clear course of action for us to take forward. I would definitely recommend his services.

David Townrow, Branch Director, EweMove

I started a new business 3 years ago and was concerned my pricing structure and approach to product and services was wrong. I met Mark at a business networking meeting and spoke to him briefly about my situation and arranged a one to one meeting with him to discuss the ideas and issues further. I met with him for an hour and a half and he managed in that short space of time to give me a new direction on my offering and improve my way of thinking about my business. I would highly recommend Mark to any business owner or someone looking to start a new business.

AP, Owner, IT Services

I met Mark at our local business network and was very impressed by his presentation of his services.

As a result of his delivery and, as I wished to undertake some coaching in my business and professional life, I have undertaken one of his sessions. He was able to understand quickly the goals I was trying to achieve and gave me some excellent takeaways which I am putting into practice.

I will be engaging him to take some further steps to achieve my goals and have no hesitation in recommending his coaching services.

HB, Partner & Lawyer

We asked The Pricing Coach, Mark Peacock, to come and talk to us about pricing following a Law Society requirement to publish prices on our website. It was a 2-hour interactive session and was incredibly useful. It definitely challenged our traditional views on pricing! As lawyers we are fairly old fashioned but after a coaching session with Mark, we definitely saw the new requirements as a positive step and a good way to showcase to potential clients the different level of services we provide. Pricing is so important and the guidance Mark provided was invaluable. Book him today!

Katherine Carroll TEP, Partner, Peacock & Co Solicitors