Does your event need an engaging and entertaining speaker? Let’s talk pricing

Pricing is a subject that many people are wary of, but the best way to get your head around the topic is to have Mark Peacock come and speak at one of your meetings.

Described as an “engaging and entertaining speaker who runs informative and interactive talks”, your delegates will leave with new ideas, actions and tools they can use immediately in their business to improve their pricing.

Mark’s mission is to show to business owners that pricing doesn’t have to be thought of as difficult or scary, and will aim to open their minds to the power of pricing and how it can maximise revenues and profits!

Talks can be between 20 minutes to 1+ hours.


Watch a 5 minute sample from the Institute of Directors

For more information or to book Mark at one of your events, please contact hello@markpeacock.co.uk.

2019 schedule of speaking

15 January 2019

Vistage CEO Group, Cobham – www.vistage.co.uk

12 February 2019

4Networking, Bracknell – www.4networking.biz

13 February 2019

CIPD Special Interest Group, Guildford

14 February 2019

27 February 2019

The Marketing Centre, Watford  – How the right pricing can seriously improve your profits!

28 February 2019

The Marketing Centre, Leicester – “How to seriously improve your profits with better pricing!”

Speaking Testimonials


“Mark runs an engaging and informative session on pricing strategies. He has a deep knowledge of his subject which he presents through a number of easily usable tools. I have used Mark with each of my Vistage CEO groups and without exception they have gone away with new ideas, tools and actions they can implement in their businesses. A top session!”

Ian Windle – Inspiring Leadership
Vistage Group Chair, Leadership and TEDx Speaker, Coach, Mentor & Facilitator


“Mark is a pricing guru that every business owner would do well to meet. Some powerful yet simple pricing strategies could unlock genuine profit potential – a great presenter too had one of my recent business briefings enthralled. Recommended.”

Brian Hardie 
Proven part-time Marketing Directors for ambitious businesses Regional Director with The Marketing Centre


For more information or to book Mark at one of your events, please contact hello@markpeacock.co.uk.