Do you turn to jelly when your prospect asks you this question?

You’ve spent time building a relationship with them and you’ve demonstrated how your products or services will be of benefit to them.

They like who you are and what you do, and have decided that they want to work with you.

But, when it comes to the all-important price question, you become less confident and start to crumble.

You mention a number under your breath, and the prospect says “Sorry, what was that?”

You hear this as rejection and immediately respond by offering a lower price. Sound familiar?

This is just down to lack of confidence in your ability to sell your services at the appropriate price.

But if you have done your homework and designed a product range with clear benefits, and which offers something better or different to the competition, then you should be able to articulate your prices with confidence.

The final trick is learning the art of “pricing patience”. Don’t crumble at the first sign of resistance. Its probably just the client trying to consider your price to the other options they may have.

Use it as a chance for getting some feedback. Ask them what they’re thinking and be patient – allow them the time to think it over properly before you respond.


Mark Peacock: The Pricing Coach

Mark’s mission is to help small businesses unlock value through better pricing strategies and price coaching. He is passionate about pricing and how it can be used to achieve improved results quickly and effectively.

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