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I’m Mark Peacock – The Pricing Coach –  helping businesses like yours increase profits with better pricing strategies.

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Do you ever…

  • lack confidence when discussing or selling your prices?
  • discount prices too often when trying to win the sale?
  • put off price increases in case you lose customers?
  • need to charge more to cover costs and improve your margins?
  • need help with formulating your product & pricing strategies?


Price better, earn more!

I find most businesses undervalue what they do and therefore undercharge for their products and services. A 5% increase in prices can achieve a 22% increase in profits (all other things being equal)*.

Although pricing is a key profit driver, it typically gets less attention than marketing, sales figures and costs when you’re looking to increase your margins… but a good pricing strategy improves profitability quicker than any other tactic.


How I can help you to get your pricing right…

We will examine your current pricing in the light of your business proposition and objectives, taking into account any problems or concerns you have identified.

Reviewing your product range, how you sell and market your services, and the affect this has on your profit margins, I will share with you proven price strategies that will improve profitability.


Together we will create your Pricing Action Plan for rapid results, including:

  • understanding your costs
  • product design strategies
  • advanced pricing strategies
  • the psychology of pricing
  • how your customers make buying decisions
  • segmenting your market by “willingness to pay”
  • clarify your unique selling points
  • marketing your prices to get the best response.


As a result, you will be able to…

  • Clarify and improve your price positioning
  • Sell your prices more confidently
  • Devise better strategies for pricing your products and services
  • Achieve results quickly
  • Increase your profits
  • Deliver better customer value.

“Anybody can cut prices, but it takes brains to make a better product.”

Philip Armour

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